Pdf Reader N Saver (coming soon)

Pdf Reader N Saver is the simplest Pdf Reader to use and bonus it's free.

I actually built it because I got tired to not being able to read my Pdf's on the Train or Plane. I even when I had internet I had to reload the Pdf's all the time.

All it takes is two easy steps Save and Read.

  • Step 1) surf the web or search google for a Pdf, open it and click save.
  • Step 2) hit the Pdf Collection tab and tap the Pdf you want to read, when your done delete it.
It's that simple.
Have a nice day.

PS let me know if you any iPhone app ideas
steve at twocampfires dot com


  • -It's simple
  • -It's easy
  • -You can read your Pdf's offline

Pdf Reader N Saver will make your life easier try it today!

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